Preprint Series

Clemson Operations Research Institute faculty members’ journal and conference publications

CORI Preprint Series

The CORI preprint series consists of papers that were submitted for publication on or after the first day of the Fall 2018 semester.  Preprints submitted to this series will be organized by year, starting with 2018.


Report 2023-01:  C. Guo, H. Nagarajan, and M. Bodur.  Tightening Quadratic Convex Relaxations for the AC Optimal Transmission Switching Problem

Report 2023-02:  B. Fralix.  Campbell-like Theorems for Nonhomogeneous Batch Markovian Arrival Processes

Report 2023-03:  B. Fralix.  On the Time-Dependent Behavior of Preemptive Single-Server Queueing Systems with Poisson Arrivals

Report 2023-04:  C. Guo, C. Kroer, Y. Dvorkin, and D. Bienstock.  Incentivizing Investment and Reliability:  A Study on Electricity Capacity Markets

Report 2023-05:  B. Fralix.  On Various Age and Residual Life Distributions Associated with the M/G/1 Queue

Report 2023-06:  D. Bienstock, Y. Dvorkin, C. Guo, R. Mieth, and J. Wang.  Risk-Aware Security-Constrained Unit Commitment


Report 2022-01:  A. Dietz, W. Adams, and B. Yang.  A Conditional-Logic Interpretation for Miller-Tucker-Zemlin Inequalities and Extensions

Report 2022-02:  S. Jiang, J. Cheng, K. Pan, F. Qiu, and B. Yang.  Data-Driven Chance-Constrained Planning for Distributed Generation:  A Partial Sampling Approach

Report 2022-03:  Y. Li, Q. Zhang, A. Khademi, and B. Yang.  Optimal Design of Controlled Experiments for Personalized Decision Making in the Presence of Observational Covariates

Report 2022-04:  P. L. W. Jayasekara, A. C. Pangia, and M. M. Wiecek.  On Solving Parametric Multiobjective Quadratic Programs with Parameters in General Locations


Report 2021-01:  B. Fralix, M. Holmes, and A. Lopker.  A Markovian Arrival Stream Approach to Stochastic Gene Expression in Cells

Report 2021-02:  A.M. Fathabad, J. Cheng, K. Pan, and B. Yang.  Tight Conic Approximations for Chance-Constrained AC Optimal Power Flow

Report 2021-03:  A. Joyce and B. Yang.  Convex Hull Results on Quadratic Programs with Non-Intersecting Constraints

Report 2021-04:  N. Srinath, I. Ozan Yilmazlar, M.E. Kurz, and K. Taaffe.  Introducing Preferences in Scheduling Applications

Report 2021-05:  Q. Luo, V. Nagarajan, A. Sundt, Y. Yin, J. Vincent, and M. Shahabi.  Efficient Algorithms for Stochastic Ridepooling Assignment with Mixed Fleets


Report 2020-01:  A. Khademi and S. Eksioglu.  Optimal Governmental Incentives for Biomass Cofiring to Reduce Emissions in the Short-Term

Report 2020-02:  S. Delshad and A. Khademi.  Information Theory for Ranking and Selection

Report 2020-03:  B. Fralix, F. Hasankhani, and A. Khademi.  The Role of the Random-Product Technique in the Theory of Markov Chains on a Countable State Space

Report 2020-04: K. Javier and B. Fralix.  On the study of the running maximum and minimum level of level-dependent Quasi-Birth-Death processes and related models

Report 2020-05: G. Lan and Y. Ouyang.  Accelerated gradient sliding for structured convex optimization

Report 2020-06: H. Nazari and Y. Ouyang.  Backtracking linesearch for conditional gradient sliding

Report 2020-07: Z. He and Y. Ouyang.  An asymptotic result of conditional logistic regression estimator

Report 2020-08: K. Javier and B. Fralix.  On the time-dependent behavior of homogeneous Quasi-Birth-Death processes with finitely many levels

Report 2020-09: A. Daw, B. Fralix, and J. Pender.  Non-stationary queues with batch arrivals


Report 2019-01:  R. Pasupathy and Y. Song.  An Adaptive Sequential Sample Average Approximation Framework for Solving Two-Stage Stochastic Programs

Report 2019-02: H. Ushijima-Mwesigwa, MD Zadid Khan, M.A. Chowdhury, I. Safro.  Centralities for Networks with Consumable Resources

Report 2019-03:  X. Liu and B. Fralix.  On the time-dependent behavior of finite-state birth-death processes:  new insights on known results

Report 2019-04: B. Fralix.  On classes of Bitcoin-inspired infinite-server queueing systems

Report 2019-05: R. Shaydulin, H. Ushijima-Mwesigwa, I. Safro, S. Mniszewski, Y. Alexeev.  Network Community Detection on Small Quantum Computers.

Report 2019-06: K. Javier and B. Fralix.  A further study of some Markovian Bitcoin models from Göbel et al

Report 2019-07: A. Dietz, W. Adams, and B. Yang.  Tightened Miller-Tucker-Zemlin Inequalities for the Target Visitation and Related Problems

Report 2019-08:  A. Khademi and X. Liu.  Asymptotically Optimal Allocation Policies for Transplant Queueing Systems

Report 2019-09:  K. Leder, X. Liu, and Z. Wang.  Splitting Algorithms for Rare Events of Semimartingale Reflecting Brownian Motions

Report 2019-10:  C. Lee, X. Liu, Y. Liu, and L. Zhang.  Optimal Control of a Time-Varying Double-Ended Production Queueing Model

Report 2019-11:  Y. Ouyang and T. Squires.  Some Worst-Case Datasets of Deterministic First-Order Methods for Solving Binary Logistic Regression

Report 2019-12: M. Siddig and Y. Song.  Adaptive Partition-based SDDP Algorithms for Multistage Stochastic Linear Programming


Report 2018-01:  Y.Song, M.W. Ulmer, B.W. Thomas, and S.W. Wallace.  Building Trust in Home Services—Stochastic Team-Orienteering with Consistency Constraints

Report 2018-02:  S. K. Dash, I. Safro, R.S. Srinivasamurthy.  Spatio-temporal prediction of crimes using network analytic approach