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An interdisciplinary group of faculty, students, and staff engaged in operations research at Clemson

The Clemson Operations Research Institute (CORI) consists of faculty, staff, and students that have interests and expertise in various areas of Operations Research (OR). Members of CORI can be found within the College of Business, the College of Science, and the
College of Engineering, Computing and Applied Sciences. CORI provides an organized structure that (i) helps foster new collaboration among OR faculty and students from different departments/schools across campus, (ii) gives graduate students across Clemson having interests in OR a more complete view of both applied and methodological research in the field, and (iii) increases awareness on campus of what OR is, which may lead to additional collaborations with faculty and students from other disciplines, as well as additional collaborations with industry.

CORI: Clemson Operations Research Institute

Upcoming Events

Bridging Data & Decision Making

Join the INFORMS Optimization Society for our biennial conference in March 2022 in Greenville, SC. The 2022 theme of the conference is Bridging Data and Decision Making. The Greenville, SC area is widely regarded as one of the top downtown areas in the country and promises a wealth of entertainment options in a comfortable, safe, and beautiful locale.