Updates on Hotels & Local Travel

Hotels & Transportation Information has been updated.

There are two hotel options, with the second one being predominantly for students willing to share a room.

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  1. I am a male student who is going to Mip 2018. I am willing to share a room in the second hotel with another student. However, I couldn’t reserve a room thorough the link provided. I am arriving on 06/18 and leaving on 06/21, so total 3 nights. I really appreciate you could arrange a room for me during the time slot. Please let me know if I need to provide any more information.

    1. Jiawei,

      Can you tell me what was the error you received while booking a room at Holiday Inn? I can’t book a room for you but if there is an error message you are receiving, I can follow it up with the hotel. Let me know.

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