• Bob Bixby,  Gurobi Optimization
    Title: TBD
  • Chen Chen,  The Ohio State University
    Maximal outer-product-free sets for polynomial optimization
  • Gérard Cornuéjols,  Carnegie Mellon University
  • Yuri Faenza,  Columbia University
    Balas formulation for the union of polytopes is optimal
  • Ricardo Fukasawa,  University of Waterloo
    Split cuts based on sparse disjunctions
  • Matthew Galati,  SAS Institute Inc.
    Automatic structure detection in mixed-integer programs
  • Andres Gomez,  University of Pittsburgh
    On connections between mixed-integer fractional and conic quadratic optimization, with applications in best subset selection
  • Aida Khajavirad,  Carnegie Mellon University
    Stronger polyhedral relaxations for polynomial optimization problems
  • Pierre le Bodic,  Monash University
    Tree-size estimates in MIP solvers
  • Quentin Louveaux,  Université de Liège
    Title: TBD
  • Marco Lübbecke,  RWTH Aachen
    Progress in the branch-price-and-cut Solver GCG
  • Miles Lubin,  Google
    Mixed-integer convex representability
  • Stephen Maher,  Lancaster University
    Large neighborhood Benders search
  • Enrico Malaguti,  Università di Bologna
    Integer optimization with penalized fractional values: The knapsack case
  • Jim Ostrowski,  University of Tennessee
    Almost symmetry in integer programming
  • Joe Paat,  ETH Zurich
    Revisiting questions in IP by reparameterizations
  • Annie Raymond,  University of Washington
    Symmetric sums of squares over k-subset hypercubes
  • Suvrajeet Sen,  University of Southern California
    Title: Cutting plane approximations for stochastic mixed-integer programming
  • David Shmoys,  Cornell University
    Reallocating capacity in bike-sharing systems
  • Cole Smith,  Clemson University
    Using binary decision diagrams in solving hard binary optimization problems
  • Wolfram Wiesemann,  Imperial College London
    Distributionally robust vehicle routing