Clemson University hosts the Mixed Integer Programming (MIP) workshop series
June 18 – 21, 2018 in Greenville, SC at Clemson University and the Clemson Operations Research Institute

The Mixed Integer Programming (MIP) workshop series is designed to bring together the integer programming research community in an annual meeting. MIP2018 is the 15th workshop in this series. It will be hosted by the departments of Industrial Engineering and Mathematical Sciences at Clemson University at the downtown Greenville, SC campus.

Mixed Integer Programming

Workshop Details

Workshops are held annually in North America.
  • The workshop program is composed of a limited number (~ 20 to 25) of invited talks on recent and typically unpublished work on MIP.
  • The talks are organized in a single track and scheduled to leave ample time for discussion and interaction among the participants.
  • To encourage participation of students and junior researchers, no registration fee is charged and limited travel support is available.
  • The workshop is made possible by the generous donations of our sponsors.
  • The workshop features a poster session, in which the attendees can present their work on MIP related topics. Please see Posters section for details and deadlines.



Philipp Christophel
SAS Institute Inc.
Simge Küçükyavuz
University of Washington
Ruth Misener
Imperial College London
Giacomo Nannicini (chair)
IBM Research
Alejandro Toriello
Georgia Institute of Technology


Akshay Gupte (chair)
Mathematical Sciences
Matthew Saltzman
Mathematical Sciences
Cole Smith
Industrial Engineering


The Mixed Integer Programming Workshops series is an annual meeting. Workshops are held in North America, with University representatives from all over the world.  The first one was held in New York at Columbia University in 2003.

The previous workshops were held in: